Master thesis competition

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Master thesis competition

Master thesis competition

No comments It has been reflected in the politics and anthropology of space that structures with greater significance have always been placed in the periphery and in the center of the society Balajadia Today the new era of globalization, there is a creation of interconnected and interdependent civilizations sharing ideas and technology across the globe.

Even culture is shared globally and one example of it is sports. Sport has become the new global currency, for it is a good agent to promote social cohesion, health awareness and global unity Sheard International sporting events have made cities into a world stage.

Today, there has been increased interest in the idea of promoting urban development and change through the hosting of major events.

Thus many urban cities compete against other urban cities for the hosting rights and improve or renew old cities. As the proponent explore the topic through gathering of data from existing research and sample projects, interviews with experts, and ocular inspection, the study have synthesized a new body of knowledge that contributes to the development of Sports Architecture and Legacy Master Planning.

The study have introduced a new brand and standards to achieve urban regeneration through sports which are 1 Infrastructure and Economic Development, cities grow rapidly most cities expand horizontally and generating urban sprawl where there is creation of new urban centers thus leaving city centers behind to decay.

To prevent urban deterioration, placing Sports facility in the heart of the city can be a jump start to regenerate the face of urban areas as well as improve the Infrastructure and Commercial activity around the neighborhood since sports complex are mass generating facility.

Another set standard for urban regeneration is there should be a contribution to 2 Health Awareness and Culture Development, Filipinos are health-conscious, but this health consciousness is only on matters of taking food supplement, eating healthy food, etc.

This problem can be address through architecture Urban regeneration projects that will include facilities for sports, parks, recreation areas and green spaces that is accessible and available to the city can contribute to bolster a culture of health and exercise among Filipinos.

An additional contribution of Sports and Sports Architecture to the society is to develop and inculcate especially to the youth that value of discipline, nationalism and unity class lines and ethno linguistic difference are blurred by sports thus we are building a good future for our country.

Lastly and Urban Regeneration project should contribute to the 3 Environmental Protection and conservation, since projects such as sports complex requires vast land developing in greenfield area needs to cut down hectares of trees whereas placing it in decaying Urban and Industrial portion of the city it not only save trees but can also be a potential for a brownfield revitalization project.

Another Part of the study is Legacy Master Planning, these new concept has been used in recent projects related to sports especially to Olympic Parks.

Sports Complex is a multi-Billion public investment, in the case of the Olympic Games Preparation to build these facilities last up to 7 years or more to be used for a 16 day event.

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Olympic Parks built from the past have reflected huge problems like post-Olympic use creating multi-billion white elephant projects thus by learning from the past Designing sports complex now aims to think beyond the games and design a more sustainable and adaptable facility.

Lastly major sporting events must bring 3 International Prominence to the host city and the country as one of its legacy. It will open new opportunities for the city for investors and over all development of the city.

All the results of the study will be used for the proposed Davao City Sports Park. The project will start with the assumption of the Davao City as the host for the Southeast Asian Games.

The event will be used as the tool to push through the Urban Regeneration Project. The scope of the study is to Master Plan all the possible venues for sports around the city; a concept map will be provided which will include the foci of the Study which will be the Master Planning of the Sports Park.

A vital part of planning this facility is the site, after a site selection process of which the study can be more effective the chosen site for the project is located at the CBD of Davao City and in the Davao River and Gulf Area.Master’s Thesis from a Doctoral Institution Ryan T.

Schwier, Public History, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis “According to the Custom of the Country”: Indian Marriage, Property Rights, and Legal Testimony in the Jurisdictional Formation of Indiana Settler Society, ”.

The European Master Thesis Award for IEM was organised for the first time in and is part of the Educational Initiative of ESTIEM. The European Supply Chain Forum (ESCF) is the proud sponsor of the competition for its promotion of academic excellence.

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EPMA PM Thesis Competiton Operated on an annual basis and sponsored by Högänas AB, the EPMA Powder Metallurgy Thesis Competition is designed to stimulate and encourage young researchers in PM. It is open to any students studying within the EU in two categories - PhD and Masters.

Did your master thesis deal with a socio-economic subject or was it related to one of the other working areas of the SER? If so, you qualify to take part in the SER’s competition for the best thesis - .

thesis that has been produced by a student at one of its member institutions. Nominees must have received the master's degree within three years preceding the year of competition.

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